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Puget  Sound  Credentialing  Services

About One Health Port's 

Provider DataSource,


The service we offer is supportive of Senate Bill 5346 that passed the Senate early in 2010. The bill supports Administrative Simplification, which is promoted by the Washington State Healthcare Forum and One Health Port. If successful, Senate Bill 5346 will reduce the quantity of credentialing requests from health plans and hospitals by establishing a statewide repository of provider credentialing data and will be accessible to health plans and hospitals at a cost. 

Participation in the program is currently voluntary; however, if voluntary participation does not meet or exceed the expectation of the Senate, mandatory participation may be imposed. This service is now live and providers and group practices can begin uploading credentialing data starting September 2010. In order for the service to be successful, providers must take the time for initial set up and on-going maintenance of the database and health plans must participate by retrieving credentialing data via the site. 

However, by taking the time to participate, a great reduction of credentialing requests can be expected and providers need only update or re-attest to information every 150 days. If you would like additional information regarding Provider Source and the Medversant database, as promoted by One Health Port in response to SB5346, please go to

The service that PSCS will provide is set up and on-going maintenance of the Medversant credentialing database. There is a flat fee for initial set up and data entry, followed by a small maintenance fee at each 150 day interval.

To get started, email: [email protected]